Captain’s bln(x): A Fresh Start

I began my 3rd year teaching high school mathematics and my 6th year teaching mathematics today.

For this year I decided to go with a math pun and a Star Trek reference because it is very on brand for me.

I have been assigned four sections of Math Seminar 1 this year. Seminar is a support class intended to help the students with the 100 lowest math scores on their standardized 8th grade test. (I also have one block of CP Geometry in the afternoon.)

Although it was only “Fresh Start” for Freshman and I saw them for 10 minutes per class, I tried to fit introductions and a little math into the time. After I had everyone introduce themselves and I gave the 30-second spiel on the purpose of seminar and what they can expect, we tried this Eight-Digit puzzle on white board. I can already tell this group is going to be a challenging and interesting mix of students, but I am ready to go. (I don’t know if I could do this job without the summer break to recharge my spirit. I was broken by the end of last Spring semester.)

Because my seminar classes are support classes intended to help students succeed in algebra, I plan to run through the Illustrative Mathematics Middle School curriculum with them to find and close any gaps in their knowledge. I expect I will spend a lot of time blogging about that this year, but this is also my 3rd attempt at teaching geometry and I am sure I will have new things to try and share in that class as well.

I plan to continue my habit of using this blog as a reflection tool and a daily journal for my experiences at this school. If you are new to my blog, I usually share my attempts at implementing others’ ideas and (much more rarely) my attempts at implementing my own ideas. And lots of mistakes and sometimes a little woe-is-me, although I try to keep that to a good therapeutic minimum.

Thanks for reading! (I think this will be the last time I use this phrase.)

EDIT: Chris Burke (@mrburkemath) made a bln(x) joke in response to the original title of Captain’s ln(x) and I have to admit that is even better than my pun so I changed it.


2 thoughts on “Captain’s bln(x): A Fresh Start

  1. Chase Orton says:

    So excited to read another year of posts. Eager to hear about your learning and growth and see it reflected here. I’m really excited to see how you work with their identities and help them see themselves as math nerds, rather than math failures.

    If you’re looking for an activity to build some norms this week or next, you might want to check this out:

    Also…wondering if Estimation Stations might be something worth trying? Madison and I would love as much feedback as we can get on the activities so we can make revisions and make them better.

    Looking forward to our next geek out!

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