Rookie Year: Day 165

A 2-hour assembly ate up most of the morning today. It was the “Senior Assembly” and it was cool that we took time to honor the senior class, but you could tell the student body AND the staff was getting antsy near the end.

I was particularly frustrated with a lot of my students today. Most of them blew off the Desmos Art Project, even students who are typically engaged and motivated. It felt like none of them listened to me at all when I had explained the project outlines and when it was due. I have enjoyed teaching these students this year, but their attitudes gave me one of my own today. I felt grumpy. I think part of it was frustration at my own failure to bring them out of a mindset of “I’m just here to get a grade” but I was also frustrated with them and their choices about the project.

Normally I am never tired of answering questions about math, but I was beginning to get tired of explaining the project repeatedly, sometimes to the same students. They had very clearly not read the project description at all or listened when I had explained it earlier this week. Some of them complained that I hadn’t given them enough time even though this was essentially all we worked on in class every day since the EOC. (The same students who spent all this week goofing off in class rather than working.)

I have tried to avoid complaining about students on this blog and focus on my own journey to becoming a better teacher, but I was very discouraged with them today.

Only three more days and then I get to start fresh this fall.

Thanks for reading.


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