Rookie Year: Day 164

More Desmos Art Project today. The activities on transformations of functions from Desmos are so nice that I really wish I had used them the first time. Each time I think back to that unit I become less pleased with how I went about teaching the concept. I focused too heavily on transformations of quadratics rather than transformations of functions in general and the students ended up having a poor understanding of both.

But now I know what will try next time. I also want to do a better of job of teaching functions in general. Not only is function notation a fundamental concept that carried all the way into my master’s level mathematics courses, I just plain old think they’re cool. I would also like to incorporate some computer science concepts into that unit, but I am not sure what that will look like yet.

The first of my three blocks took a group test today in place of a final. It did not really go well and I was discouraged. The students were suddenly lost on concepts that we had just been working on a few weeks ago and that I KNOW were supposed to be on the EOC. Either I didn’t do a very good job of teaching those concepts or brain drain happened in less than a day. Maybe both.

Tomorrow there are no final exams scheduled because of senior assembly so I won’t have any of my classes for an extended period of time, but when we return after Memorial Day I will be giving the 2 hour group test to my other two classes.

There are only 4 days left in the school year and half of those are half days.

I am so ready.

Thanks for reading.


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