Rookie Year: Day 162 Or Five Years

Today marks the 5th anniversary of this blog. I’ve been blogging ever since the last few weeks of my undergraduate degree, covering my time in a community college learning center as a tutor, a community college adjunct (in-person and online), a graduate student and teacher, and finally as a 1st year high school teacher.

EDIT: After I originally published this post WordPress also told me it was number 200 so how about that! 5 years and 200 posts.

This first year teaching high school was really the year I buckled down and starting taking this blog seriously. I don’t think I will do a daily journal next year, but I do plan to be consistent and regular with posts as I wrap up my Rookie Year. If you have been with me since 2012 or joined this past fall or a few weeks ago, thanks for reading!

Anyway, don’t go back and read my old posts. They’re embarrassing.

EOC scores came back from the state already. On one hand I was very excited because 75% of my students passed the exam. On the other hand, a 60 is considered passing so if you were to look at my DF rate they got slaughtered. But a majority will be able to go on to geometry. Whether a majority will leave this class with a solid education and understanding of algebra is a different matter and one that concerns me. I usually talk about how my classroom management needs to improve, but another thing I want to work on is how well my students are understanding math beyond just passing scores on tests and quizzes. I don’t know if I am making any sense here.

But I was encouraged by the results after my brief worry session on Monday and I am hoping that my students enjoy the final projects I have for them, including this fantastic one from Jon Lind.

I would really like to get some nice classroom decorations out of that art project, so I am looking forward to seeing what the students come up with.

Kinda underwhelming for a 5 year anniversary slash 200th post isn’t it?

Ah. Well.



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