Rookie Year: Day 160

I’ve been thinking lately how the end of this Rookie Year blog is going to be slightly unsatisfying because I didn’t post on days that I was out and I didn’t compensate my day count so I am not going to arrive at a final “Day 180” so I think on the last day of school, I am going to call it Day 180 even though I didn’t officially work 180 days this year with ambulance trips and colds and new babies. “Rookie Year: Day 168” would feel a little anti-climatic as an end to this.


After going over final exam tips with my students for Monday, I reviewed solutions to the last practice exam and then we played a particularly long Kahoot. I can tell that I am worn out. I didn’t feel like coming up with anything creative or engaging for reviewing solutions to the practice exam so I just stood at the board and went over the solutions for about 35ish minutes. And I also was not very vigilant during Kahoot about making sure that students didn’t also have games or some other tab open while we were working. I am just tired.

After I administer the final exam on Monday I am planning to teach a little geometry and trig and then have the students launch some model rockets for a final project.

Should be fun.
Could be a disaster.
Thanks for reading.


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