Rookie Year: Day 159

I had students in and out of my classroom today because they are currently taking their English EOCs. This is messing with my own review schedule, but there is nothing I can do about it. The math coordinator from the district sent us a fantastic practice exam, but the platform that it was hosted on was not very good. Based on my experience today I cannot recommend that you use Edulastic. The website was slow and many students had to reload their tests several times. Also questions were formatted improperly and I have to blame the site here because I saw the original properly formatted questions from the coordinator.

I can tell that my kids are just as tired as I am. They seemed totally dead today. I hope I didn’t push them too hard with practice problems this week and fry their brains for Monday. I will try to keep it fun and light tomorrow when we play a review game to go over the practice exam questions.

Thanks for reading.


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