Rookie Year: Day 155

My students took a test today and I am all caught up on grading, so it was a very slow day for me. I ended up thinking about how almost none of my students took advantage of re-assessments on standards quizzes and I really blame myself. I don’t think I communicated my hybrid-SBG system well AT ALL this first semester. All of my students seemed confused about how it worked the entire year. And that kind of makes sense because to be honest I am still a little confused on what I am doing. The SBG system that I was using for college students worked very well because I had complete control over how student grades are determined. But here at this high school we have to use a Total Points system rather than weights and student final grades are 40% Q3, 40% Q4, and 20% Final Exam by school policy.

There is talk of moving to where teachers can decide whether to do total points or weights next year, but it sounded like departments had to still be uniform so I would have to go along with whatever the department chooses. In either scenario I need to spend this summer working out exactly what I want my SBG system to look like and how I can better communicate it to students so that they understand.

But before I do that I need to update the online calculus classes that I teach because I have summer sections and I have essentially not changed them since I wrote rough drafts of the courses in 2013/14. I am thinking about moving them so that they are hosted entirely on Google Docs and for courses that I teach at UC I will simply have the students access through Blackboard.

I’m going to stop here though or else I will begin to ramble on my ideas for online education and that is a bit off-topic for this blog series.

Thanks for reading.


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