Rookie Year: Day 154 Or Final(?) Grudgeball Match

In preparation for the Unit 11 test tomorrow we played grudgeball. It was not our best games. The students tired out about halfway through the game and started to disengage. Every time I play this review game I notice something that I need to tweak. My students don’t have the stamina for a 90 minute review game. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. In the future I need to plan other activities in addition to grudgeball and try to keep it to 50 minutes max. I say 50 because the bell marking the halfway point for the block class seemed to be the tipping point for many of the students.

I overheard one student claiming that this was going to be her last grudgeball match unless she had me as teacher again, but I have nothing but EOC review planned for the upcoming week, so we might be playing it again next Friday. I am not sure. If we play too often the students get tired of it even faster. We will definitely be playing zombie graveyard. Anyone have some other review games I can try out?

Thanks for reading.


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