Rookie Year: Day 153 Or Finally Baby

My daughter, Ava Ann Belcher, was finally born on May the 4th.

I took as many sick and personal days as I had left (not many because of my ambulance trip earlier this year) and just now came back today.

It was difficult to come back after spending 6 days with my newborn and my classroom management was not stellar today. I had the students practice in class for our rescheduled Unit 11 test and I didn’t quite have the energy to stay on the students who were frequently off task. It’s tiring to continually redirect students who don’t choose to work in class. Yes, I know, I know. My class should be more engaging and then they would. I understand that argument. But if I have a majority of the students engaging and few who do not, I am not sure that I am willing to shoulder the blame. I don’t know.

A colleague told me “If they aren’t trying at this point, it’s too late”. And he is correct that it is too late for them to pass. But it isn’t too late for them to engage and learn some math anyway. You know. Optimistically.

I didn’t finish this post in time yesterday. I’ve got the juice to make it to the end but I am very tired. Having a week old daughter and a hyper-active toddler doesn’t help that either.

Thanks for reading.


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