Rookie Year: Day 150 Or Still No Baby


I found myself at school this morning instead of at the hospital with my newborn daughter.

I gave my students another practice End-Of-Course online and we went over the solution to Friday’s homework. I don’t set my worth or skill as a teacher in EOC scores, but purely from a “I need to keep my job so that I can pay for my house and feed my family” standpoint I am a little bit nervous about how unserious the students are taking preparing the EOC. Or at least a good chunk of them. Some students are working very hard. But others seemed to be entirely unfazed by the fact that they still cannot pass a quiz.

But all of my classes were pleasant today at least. I would like to get to a point where I tell them about the EOC on the first day (as required by law) and then not mention it again except in the context of “your final exam is on this date”.

It’s one thing for me to tell them that learning is more important than I grade, but if that is true I am sure they wonder why I bring up the EOC so much.

I really hope that baby is born soon.

Thanks for reading.



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