Rookie Year: Day 144

Although I found Spring Break very restful and I came back this week feeling rejuvenated and prepared for the rest of the school year, a week of teaching still takes a lot out of you. I am tired and ready for the weekend. Having a crazy assembly schedule the past two days certainly did not help.

I just gave students time to work on assignments in class today. I didn’t teach anything new, we played Quizlet Live and then I asked them to work while I finished up individual student conferences about grades. Then I gave a re-assessment on a quiz.

I am feeling frustrated with many of my students because the quiz did not go so well today. It was clear that no one studied at all for it. It was also clear that many of them attempted to wait until the last minute to complete the assignments that were due today. That made sense for my 1st block students who had a 3 hour class with me because of the assembly (yes, 3 hours) but it didn’t make sense for the rest of my blocks.

On Monday I am going to give them a practice final exam that will hopefully help them see how much work we have left to do.

Thanks for reading.


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