Rookie Year: Day 143

The school has a two day Arts Assembly today and tomorrow. My class already attended the assembly so tomorrow we will have an extra large chunk of class and the rest of my classes will be shortened. Sigh.

On the bright side, the Arts Assembly was very, very cool. It is nice to be at a school that takes time to appreciate the art that our students do. And our students are very good because the school is so large. We listened to the orchestra, the symphonic band, the choir, a musical number from this year’s play (Beauty and the Beast), and watched several student made videos. There was a large, and I mean large–the entire multi-purpose room on the second floor–, display of student art work. I was very impressed.

But, this assembly schedule is really messing up my lesson plans. I didn’t realize it was a two day assembly. I’m making the best of it by having individual student conferences while the rest of the class tries practice problems on IXL. My first block class is in such rough shape that really the assembly is a great opportunity as long as they actually take advantage of the time and do their work. I am hoping this conferences give them the motivation they need to do what is necessary to learn.

And as a side note, even as I write that I feel as though I am using passing and grades as motivation rather than learning, but I haven’t done as good of a job as I would like at communicating my passion for doing math for it’s own sake. So far the only language they understand (that I also know how to speak) is passing and grades and graduation and so on. I hope I can get better at just creating a class where students enjoy math. Maybe it isn’t possible in the context that I teach but I will try.

However while I was writing this post I had two students from last semester drop by to say hi and chat for a minute. So even if I have failed to instill a love of mathematics, at least I am forming good relationships with students. I will count that as a win for now.

Thanks for reading.


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