Rookie Year: Day 142

Yesterday was probably one of my worst lessons.

I apparently didn’t prep enough before Spring Break and I suddenly found myself unprepared on Tuesday night for school on Wednesday. I had emergency notes that my colleague gave me, but I didn’t go over them. The notes she gave me are superb, but I usually still modify them. Not because there is anything wrong with them, I just adapt them to my style and personality.

But I didn’t have a chance to even look over them well, let alone modify.

And the lesson was miserable. It was on exponential growth and decay and compound interest. I really should have designed a better lesson that let students compare banks or credit cards. I will definitely do that next time. As it was, I just walked the class through a bunch of example problems. I was bored. I could tell they were bored. It was a bad lesson.

Next time.

Thanks for reading.


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