Rookie Year: Day 138

Today I had a first year Induction Seminar with the district math coach and all of the other first year math teachers. I really like our district math coach. She has been extremely supportive and kind this year and even visited me in the hospital when I had the heart attack scare on Valentines Day.

One of the activities our math coach had us do was write down a list of the things that we were thankful for this past year. Maybe that sounds silly but I found it helpful and encouraging. Here is my list:

  • My wife and son (and unborn daughter on the way)
  • Supportive Administration
  • Friendly and helpful colleagues
  • Caring District Staff (Like the math coach who visited me)
  • Well-structured discipline system
  • Desmos and Go Formative
  • The students
  • The district’s onboarding process and support
  • Work friends
  • A district provided chromebook, which I have used to write this blog

After the seminar meeting I headed over to another high school in the district to do some observations. I wish that a more regular observation time was built into the school structure. I always find it encouraging to watch other teachers because it reminds me that the problems that I have are problems that everyone has sometimes and when they don’t have the problems that I have I get to see how they prevent or handle the problems.

I’m betting that previous sentence made no sense but I’m going to leave it.

Right now I am observing a fellow first year teacher. The department that I visited thought I would only want to observe veteran teachers, but I find observing fellow first years just as valuable. I have been trying to keep up with this particular colleague all year even though we teach at different schools. I hope that he comes back next year, he is a good teacher and has a good relationship with the students.

Tomorrow I will give the unit test and then I get a week off for Spring Break. I definitely need it.

Thanks for reading.



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