Rookie Year: Day 137

I forgot to write a post yesterday because a severe thunderstorm caused the district to release school early. We let out at noon AND Wednesday was a late start so I only saw students for 2.5 hours yesterday across all of my blocks. We did not have time for grudgeball to review so all that I had them do was take a standards quiz on graphing quadratics and solving quadratic equations.

I was super discouraged because almost no one across any of the blocks passed the quiz. They were all extremely lost. We are supposed to test Friday before we leave for Spring Break and I am not sure what to do.

I could extend the test date to after Spring Break to give them more time to study, but I am concerned that a whole week of no school would mean that we would essentially have to start the unit from scratch and we don’t have time for that.

I thought that the practice exam from Monday would be a wake-up call for them, but apparently not.

I can’t tell if the issue is me or them or both.

We’ll just have to see how Friday goes. Thanks for reading.


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