Rookie Year: Day 136

I gave the students a practice exam today and forced them to take 45 minutes on it. I put a big timer on the projector told them they couldn’t do anything but take the practice test. They still struggle with pacing themselves during tests and finishing early without checking their work. I did see some improvement when I had them do this last time and I told them they had been doing better but that we needed to practice some more.

They did alright but when I had them go through and correct their answers I didn’t see a lot of focus. But I also wasn’t trying very hard to keep them on task. I had given them a list of things to complete after the practice test. The classes weren’t too loud but I could tell some students were off task and I was not doing my usual routine of walking around and helping while redirecting off task behavior.

I answered questions when students brought them to me but mostly I worked on planning and grading. I was just feeling tired today. I didn’t have the energy to save them from themselves and get on their case every time they stopped working on IXL and checked their email.

I told them to use their time wisely today but I just couldn’t bring myself to make sure that they were.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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