Rookie Year: Day 130

I think I am just about burned out.

I really did not want to go into work today.

I was not happy with how I ran any of my classes.

The Desmos activity I had planned to introduce quadratics was a disaster and I feel my facilitating was just as much to blame as lack of student initiative and engagement.

I am tired.

Spring Break is in 2 weeks but I am afraid that it won’t be enough. I am ready for summer break.

I need a 100th wind here soon or I am going to fizzle out before the end of the year.


One thought on “Rookie Year: Day 130

  1. Two weeks. You can do it. Focus on making sure you don’t bring any work home with you over the break, and get your first couple of days back planned and prepped before you leave. You’ll get there.

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