Rookie Year: Day 127

It was a hectic day because the juniors were testing once again. I was assigned gym monitor duty and spent the morning in the gym with the rest of the students.

I only saw 2 of my 3 blocks in the afternoon. I had them play zombie graveyard and asked factoring questions. They struggled. But that isn’t surprising because we have just started the unit and it takes a while for students to get the hang of factoring.

I made a mistake because I tried to invent a team-based variation of zombie graveyard on the spot and it did not work well AT ALL. I switched them back to the usual rules, but first block was so wound up from being in the gym all morning that they were not well behaved or engaged at all. I ended up stopping the game and forcing them to work on the problems I had assigned instead of playing the game with them.

My second block was a little wilder than normal too, but it went better for a lot of reasons. We played the usual rules for zombie graveyard from the start, the class was already small and it was even smaller because of the testing absences, and also second block has a better handle on factoring than first block. They still needed help but they are ahead.

It wasn’t a bad day but it didn’t go all that well. But I didn’t expect much on a school-wide testing day. I just figured the day was going to be shot. I am more tired than I want to be right now and I still have to go tutor in the library from 4-5.

Thanks for reading.


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