Rookie Year: Day 122

Wednesdays are Late Start and I overplanned, but it turned out to be okay because Go Formative went down halfway through the day and I still had enough activities for the students to do. The Kahoot I had modified turned out to take more time than I had anticipated, so all that we had time for after the bellringer and going over homework was to play Kahoot and then take a standards quiz.

I am trying to play a little catch up to the other algebra teachers in the building so I began Unit 10 yesterday and the Kahoot today was over Unit 10 material. Tomorrow we will play Grudgeball to review for Friday’s Unit 9 test. Part of the concern is that my wife is due in 8 weeks and I will be out for a little bit, so I need to ensure that my students are properly prepared for the EOC. Of course, properly prepared also means that we are going at a pace that the students can understand, but I also don’t want to short them when I have to leave for the birth of my daughter.

So the units are overlapping a little bit this week in an effort to catch back up. Since they are so closely related it turned out alright. We will see how the test goes on Friday.

I need to tighten up my final block’s discipline. They have become chatty and I can’t seem to get them back on lockdown. Sigh.

Thanks for reading.


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