Rookie Year: Day 115

I had students work on point recovery for unit tests today. School policy is no test retakes and since I teach a class with a South Carolina End-Of-Course exam, all of the Algebra teachers in the school give common unit exams. However we do allow students to complete test corrections for some minor credit back.

All of my blocks behaved very well today and worked the entire time. They didn’t quite finish because they had to complete the point recovery for 2 tests (we are a little behind in the point recovery department) and I gave everyone an extension for tomorrow. (Luckily I had no new homework planned so they wouldn’t be overloaded.) This was a complete change from last semester where I had to fight all of my blocks to get them to work on point recovery. I did have some slackers that I had to redirect, but they were off-task without disrupting the rest of the class.

I wish that I could offer the same mastery based philosophy for my unit tests, but I am doing the best I currently can to create an atmosphere of SBG within the constraints I have been given. One thing that does concern me is that the students really have not bought into the system. No one ever applies for retakes. I have cycled a few standards but after the second cycling, students just leave their grade as is.

Either I did not do a good enough job of explaining SBG at the beginning of the semester or they have forgotten or they don’t care enough to bother to retake. I will re-explain the system this Friday before the Standard Quiz to see which one it is.

I was kind of dreading coming in to work today, but it went really well. That has been happening a lot. I wish I could remember that it usually goes well when I feeling that dread and tiredness.

Thanks for reading.


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