Rookie Year: Day 104 or Ironic Valentines Day

I didn’t get a chance to teach today.

I had some chest pain while driving to work which continued after I arrived at work and prepared for the day. While I was making copies I had more chest pain and my arm started to go numb. I was scared I was having a heart attack and so I told a co-worker. They made me sit down and went to go get the nurse. The nurse came and brought a wheelchair which I felt silly in, but I was feeling dizzy so it probably wasn’t a bad idea. My blood pressure turned out to be really high and so I ended up in an ambulance on the way to the ER.

Anyway after my first trip in an ambulance ever, a morbid sense of appreciation that I was having heart problems on Valentine’s Day, and more than 6 hours in the ER I found out that it wasn’t a heart attack and that my blood work showed I was at 0% risk for a blood clot. But I was still having chest pain and it wasn’t really clear what was wrong. The best the doctor could figure was that muscles in my chest and ligaments between my ribs were spasming and that it was stress related. Which I guess would also cause higher blood pressure.

But I have actually been under LESS stress at work lately so I don’t know. I’ve had chest pains before, but never for this long or for this badly. And there wasn’t the accompanying high blood pressure and numbness.

I’m going to take the day off tomorrow and see how I feel Thursday. So much for saving sick days for when the baby comes. Argh.

Sorry this had nothing to do with education except that it can be a stressful job.

Thanks for reading.




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