Rookie Year: Day 99

My students took their first test today.

I use USA Test Prep to administer unit tests because we give common exams across the department and that’s where they are kept. Technically I could print the exams and use Scantron, but I believe the state EOC is also computer mediated and there is a “performance task” that wouldn’t translate well to paper. (This time the students had to solve a system and then drag the box with the system to match its solution on the plane. So essentially they did 6 systems of equations problems.) But these are the kinds of items that will be on the test and I don’t want the state delivery to get in the way of measuring knowledge.

Overall the test scores were not good, but I did have a few bright spots. Although they cannot retake the test, I will continue to encourage them to re-assess on the standards from that unit.

I also had a new student added to my smallest class today and I am hoping that they are able to adjust. So far that class has been relatively quiet, but I am afraid that changes could upset the balance. We shall see.

In my final block, one of my students asked me “Mr. Belcher, can we do something fun like yesterday again?” I was glad that she considered the review game fun but also concerned because that tells me she hasn’t considered any other activities that I had tried fun. Of course, I don’t think math class is all about fun, but I do like it when students are engaged. I will have to try to find some different activities they will think are fun but still help them learn.

Tomorrow is my 100th day of teaching and I don’t really feel like planning for it right now. Blargh.

Thanks for reading.


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