Rookie Year: Day 98

So the quizzes were just as bad as I feared. I was really worried over the weekend.

But I can’t push the test back anymore. So we played Grudgeball today to review and tomorrow is the test.

Even though the quizzes were bad I had some moderate success with the students during the review game. 1st block was alive for once and actually a little chattier than I would have liked, but they quieted down when I asked them too and I expected higher noise levels for a review game. 2nd block was dead and really struggled with the questions. I think I am currently worried about them the most. I will need to adjust as we head into the next unit. My final block, who is normally my loudest, did absolutely fantastic. They got the farthest into the review packet, rarely missed questions, and were really invested in winning the game. I am not sure if the difference between last block was the personalities of the students or if more of them knew the material so that game went better, but last block was definitely the best for the review game.

Tomorrow I will give the test and then it’s on to new material.

Thanks for reading.


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