Rookie Year: Day 97

I felt discouraged at the end of yesterday. I gave my students an activity with four questions on it: solve a system of linear equations by graphing, solve by elimination, and by substitution. The final question asked them to solve and graph a linear inequality. The focus of the activity was for them to explain their solutions and give step-by-step justifications for each thing they did. I told them that the final solution of an ordered pair didn’t matter nearly as much as understanding what the were doing

I knew that this kind of task would cause them to struggle, but I was not ready for how much it seemed that they had completely forgotten everything we’ve been learning the past few weeks. I had students asking how to do elimination AND substitution and some of them could no longer tell me what we were looking for when we graphed a system of equations.

They really seemed lost and I am at one.

How did they forget so quickly? Was I not as effective as I thought as I was? Did I fool myself into thinking they were more solid than they were when we were working on previous days? I have a stack of quizzes that I’m about to grade and I’m afraid to see the results, particularly because I have a unit test scheduled for this coming Tuesday and I cannot really push it back anymore. We have to move on. The EOC exam is coming in mid-May and there are many more chapters to go. The only thing I can hope for is to reinforce practice using IXL and urge them to take advantage of my SBG re-assessment system on those standards while we move on to the next unit.


Thanks for reading.


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