Rookie Year: Day 95 Or Missing Mug

A student took my mug today. I left it on the bookshelf by the door and when I looked for it the next bell it was gone. It was only a mug but I was surprised that someone would have taken it. I guess I will just have to be more careful from now on.

All of my classes went well. I reviewed a few linear inequality problems with the whole class and then released them to work in pairs on practice problems. Everyone completed their problems and I only had to redirect behavior a few times. The students did really well with this task in the pairs and I would like to do more of that kind of activity. My only concern is that I was giving them problems that I had already shown them how to do, so essentially they were just following the script I had modeled and explained to them. This is good news as far as the State of South Carolina is concerned: as long as I can help them retain what they learned today through to the EOC then they will pass those questions. But I would really like to be able to get them to a point where I give them a question or task they have never seen before and they attempt to solve it in groups. I have not figured out how to help these students do that yet.

I gave a practice quiz and almost all of them failed the systems of equations parts, but many got the linear inequalities part. I am not sure if that is because linear inequalities are easier for them, or if it is fresher in their minds, or if I did a better job with linear inequalities or all three or none. I am still working on figuring out to gauge that too. I am really trying to push them to recognize when they are not ready for a quiz so that they will study. So far that hasn’t gone well. They tell me  “No” when I ask them if they studied. Argh.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to observe as a beginning teacher so I will have a substitute in the morning. I left as detailed instructions as I could for both the sub and the students. I almost would rather not observe because it created more work for me this week and yet I still have to be at work, haha. Don’t get me wrong, I value observing other teachers highly, I just mean that the timing is bad. I would rather not miss work the day before a quiz and a few days before I give a unit test. I did go and observe my department head for about 20 minutes during my planning bell today and it would be great to have a regular observation time, but I also value the planning time and I know that resources are finite and a regular observation time for all teachers would cost more money and time. It would be nice though. I’m rambling now, sorry.

Thanks for reading.


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