Rookie Year: Day 88 Or Sleep Deprivation

Last night I stayed up too late because I drank like two pots of tea while watching playoff football (Don’t judge me, I ran out of beer. Also shut up). Coffee today was no help.

I realized this morning that I had not done enough to prepare for class over the weekend and so I was scrambling to get ready for students at 8:40. The biggest issue was that I had planned to teach my students how to use a TI Inspire to find solutions to systems of equations graphically but I had not idea how do it. I grew up on a TI-84.

So my colleague Katie had to give me an under 5 minute crash course (Thanks, Katie) and then I had to find the calculator emulator software on my computer and figure out how to use that. Which involved calling Katie again after I just left her room. (Sorry, Katie!)

I needed to create and print off practice problems for solving systems graphically. I made half-sheets to save paper, took the time to print, cut, and tape…and then made 55 copies like they weren’t half sheets that I planned to cut. So I had twice as many worksheets as I needed. Argh.

I also needed to finish the bellringer on Go Formative. I didn’t notice until 3rd bell that I had typed “identity” every time I meant inverse. I also dropped a lot of things. Markers. Keys. TI Inspires. I was a klutz. Although I managed to get an eye-roll out of my 5-6 bell students by kicking a marker away after dropping it, pretending I didn’t need it for a few minutes, and then later singing to it.

But the day went great. I got everything sorted in time. The students listened and followed while I walked them through using a TI. Most of them did not finish the practice sheet I gave them, but I think that was because I stretched out some of the direct instruction for fear of having extra time at the end because of my rush this morning.  And it all went fine.

I told my students I was going to give them assigned seats today and instead I told them “You can stay where you are as long as you continue to work.” And they have. It’s like a different job so far. They work when I ask and when I give them independent or semi-group assignments they don’t go crazy. I can hear students when I am helping them one-on-one. It’s fantastic. The atmosphere change from last semester to this one is night and day. I hope that I can continue to do a good job with classroom management because it allows me to actually enjoy my job.

Other highlights:

  • Crushed a can on my forehead to wake up sleepy students
  • Yelled “WHATS IN THE BOX” to teach my new students the Block Method for solving equations
  • Did the Jim Gaffigan talking about myself as the audience bit and got some good eye-rolls
  • Students requested markers to write on desks and did work and asked questions and learned math

I was still sleep deprived when I went home today though because I tried to air up my tires at the gas station and absolutely could NOT get my tires to air up. They kept getting flatter and flatter and I was Mormon cursing at myself. (What the JUNK is going on with these HECKIN’ tires??) I ended up driving down the road to the Honda dealer on very, VERY flat tires and begging a salesman to let me into a service department that closed 10 minutes before I had arrived. I mean seriously, what kind of idiot can’t get tires to air up? I’m done it hundreds of times. The auto-tech (who was very gracious to air up all of my tires) told me the machine at Kroger was probably broken and that’s why air was coming out of the nozzle but not going into the tires. I was just too sleep deprived and fuzzy-brained to stop trying. But in my defense, have you ever just been in disbelief that you could not do something that is as simple as plugging a hose onto a tire stem and squeezing a trigger? Who knows. I’ll have to get my oil changed there next time I think.

Anyway I need to sleep. Thanks for reading.





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