Rookie Year: Day 86

In each class there were a few minor hiccups today. Someone got poked in the back and started to challenge another student, but immediately calmed down when I asked if everything was okay. A group in a back corner suddenly burst out laughing at a whispered joke, and in my last class they got a little rowdy. But they all calmed down quickly. I purposefully did not give assigned seats the first day because I wanted to see how the new classes would interact with each other. I am starting to get an idea of which students want to sit and talk with one another and will hopefully be able to write a helpful seating chart to use starting Monday.

Desmos once again was fantastic. We finished working through “Solutions to Systems Of Linear Equations” and I really liked the structure and progression of the activities. Tomorrow I will reinforce the definitions we learned with some short notes and then I’ll give them systems of equations to solve by graphing.

Also after talking with a colleague I realized that I should probably start interspersing some Foundations material review immediately because the End-Of-Course exam from the state is cumulative across Foundations Of Algebra and Intermediate Algebra. I think I will start making the Bellringers practice exam questions and use Foundations review as a beginning.

Although there were a few hiccups today I am still feeling much better about this semester and my classes and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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