Rookie Year: Day 83 or Letters From Students

Today was truly the “last” day for the first semester even though we had final exams last week. We played nonsense Kahoots all day on topics like sports, celebrities, music, and whatever I could find on the public search lists. Although I am sad to see some of these kids go and I really looking forward to the reset that a new semester brings. It is almost like starting my second year of teaching while still in my rookie year. Not quite, but almost. The students had a half day so I have spent this afternoon rearranging the layout of my classroom, working on a syllabus, and mentally organizing my first day activities and lesson plan. I also have to get my grades in today and I had a tough time with some extra credit issues. That’s what I get for trying to give extra credit. (It was legitimate, academic extra credit, but it was still skewing some scores wildly. I had to cut the assignment.)

Anyway, now for the part that I really wanted to write about. Technically the alternate title today should be Letter From Student because I only got one, but it really means a lot to me. The student was asked to write a letter to a positive influence and I was chosen. The content is typed below as it was written but without the student’s name.

Dear Mr. Belcher, I had an Awesome Semester with you. I appreciate all the help you have given me. You believed that I would be okay regardless of anything I’ll do but I realized earlier that I was hard on myself and also realized that I’m probably the only student to come almost every day to keep myself updated on how I’m doing (LOL) but I do appreciate all you have done. You certainly help me to push myself harder. 

That was in my mailbox this morning. What a great way to start the day.



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