Rookie Year: Day 77

One third of my students took the final exam today. (One block out of the three block classes that I teach.) The average was a 47%. I was really hoping for a better result. I am not sure how much blame to accept for myself. I have always liked the 100% teacher, 100% student, and 100% parent responsibility from Michael Pershan, but I cannot tell if my effort was at 100%. Right now I am feeling as though some of the failure is on me, even after adjusting for first year expectations. I am not sure if I am going to curve the final exam. I guess I will wait to see how my other two blocks do on the final before I decide.

Speaking of failures, I laid into one my classes today. I know I probably shouldn’t have favorite classes but one of my blocks is my favorite. They were goofing around instead of trying the review problems and I was angry that it wasn’t clicking that they needed to be prepared and study harder than they currently were. I kicked a student out for continuing to talk and I was harsher with him than I should have been with him and then I was still yelling at the rest of them for not taking finals seriously. I can’t tell how much of this was me wanting them to do well and how much was me just trying to cover up poor classroom discipline through sheer force of will and volume. I am not pleased about it. They behaved for the rest of the class but I need to figure out how to teach classroom discipline without using my anger, even if it does end up being constructive for a short time.

I am really apprehensive about next week when all final exams are finished because I will still have these students for a few days afterwards. The spring semester starts after MLK weekend so I won’t have new classes and a new group until then.

I also don’t know how to finish today’s post. I guess I will have to rely on a stupid joke.

In conclusion, thanks for reading.


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