Rookie Year: Day 76

Semester 1 Exams start tomorrow so we spent the day playing grudgeball. I gave the classes a practice exam another teacher shared with me and I asked the students questions from that. I found that the game went smoother and the students were more engaged because they had the questions in advance. During previous review games I made up or chose questions on the fly and this did not give students enough time to wrestle with the problems. It also helped them because they question was already written down and in front of them rather than being written on the board. I think sometimes I forget that something that wouldn’t be a problem for me — questions written on the board — are a barrier to some of my students. I think I will give them question packets to use for grudgeball from now on.

In other news I really need to be more disciplined about bedtime. I am lucky I was just running a review game today because I was just about useless from sleep deprivation.

Thanks for reading.


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