Rookie Year: Day 73

I made my students some coffee in a chemex today. They reacted about how I would expect them to react. Which is “UGH IT’S SO STRONG HOW CAN YOU DRINK THIS”. I told them they were weak and needed to get better at drinking coffee. So that was fun.

Today was the last day for students to make up missing assignments so I spent the day assigning make up tests and entering missing work. Students who had no missing work or tests practiced on IXL.

I did give a short quiz at the beginning over the linear equation problems we had been practicing all week. No one did well. Sigh. Although during previous lessons I felt that there was some lack of student effort that led to poor quiz scores, I was feeling the inadequacy this time. I am just not satisfied with how I taught linear equations to this group of students. To be fair to myself, this is the first time I have really taught those concepts to a bunch of 9th graders but either I am not satisfied. But I have some ideas for next time.

Tomorrow we have an hour and a half assembly and during the shortened classes in the afternoon I will be making them practice, practice, practice for the final exam that they will be taking when we return in early January. A lot of them asked if we could watch a movie tomorrow.

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