Rookie Year: Day 70

I had a post planned to talk about how my last block students got into an argument about the definition of candy and what was and wasn’t candy today. I took what they started with and got them to argument some abstract math without realizing it.

But today was long and it was a Monday. I kicked four students out of a single block for progressively worse reasons and the block before that was unusually rowdy. An online college student is upset with me because they don’t like their final grade and I have been just repeating the syllabus policy in email over and over.

I don’t really feel like writing anything today. I’m emotionally exhausted. I feel the same way I do when I let myself get sucked into a stupid internet argument and I hate that feeling and I always wonder why I let myself get sucked into them. I think it’s because often in those types of arguments I feel as though the other person has the wrong mental picture of me and as an ENFJ that drives me nuts. It’s one reason I think I have struggled with classroom management this year. I didn’t discipline well enough because I was afraid of the image I would project.

Aaaand now I’m writing. I’m tired and my face feels hot from unpleasant emotions. Goodnight.

Thanks for reading.


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