Rookie Year: Day 60

This post is very late. It was a long week trying to get to this Thanksgiving Break and then my Saturday went differently than I had expected.

I lot of what I wanted to write about Friday I ended up talking with some #mtbos educators on Twitter like Kent Haines, Aran Glancy, Becca Phillips, and a few others. It started with this tweet. 

I tried to help the concept of slope connect with the intuition that my students have about steepness. I made a graph with lines of various slopes that all passed through the origin and had them compare slopes and how quickly the lines reached a certain y-value. They struggled. I once again made the mistake of trying to do too much. I needed to simplify the activity and only have two lines to compare. I keep making that mistake.

I will try again when I return after Thanksgiving. We still have plenty of activities and instructional time with linear equations.

Thanks for reading.


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