Rookie Year: Day 59

I felt really tired today and was not at my best. One of my classes did not start out on the right foot because I came in from greeting students in the hall to people out of their seats and some of the extra books thrown onto the floor. And then a few students would not sit down when I asked. I raised my voice. This is the class that has been giving me some difficulty for a while.

But I was tired before the class came in anyway so I blame myself more than them. The entire lesson was individual practice using Go Formative, Desmos Labs, and IXL. Many of them did not finish all of the assignments but others finished very early. I kind of split the difference between them working at their own pace and everyone all being forced to work together. I had deadlines and timers but I also allowed them to work ahead. I had a lot of students who kept getting off task. I had to clamp down on one block and stopped allowing them to talk to one another.

I also stayed an hour later today and tutored for someone else so that they could cover me next Monday while I am away.

But on the bright side:

  1. I get all of next week off for Thanksgiving because I took two personal days
  2. I think I have an idea for how to help my students build some more intuition on slope. I’ll try my idea when I return from Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading.


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