Rookie Year: Day 54

Tomorrow I am giving a unit test so we played a review game today. I used the same game that I had last time, but instead of awarding points I brought one of my son’s little basketballs and had them shoot for points after answering correctly. This went over pretty well with most of my students in every bell. I did have a few in each that were not interested or flat out refused to participate. I am not sure if this was because they did not like the game or didn’t know the material.

Before we played the review game I had them do a Desmos Card Sort activity on identifying linear equations. Most of them were completely confused which tells me that yesterday went even worse than I feared. Oh well. They seemed to understand the review game material pretty well so my hopes are high for tomorrow. I will start over with the linear equation unit on Monday. It will be almost like starting from scratch but that’s okay. Between election day and this drill and that assembly I don’t think I have taught a normal full week in the past month. And of course Thanksgiving is coming up. But I think my students are making progress anyway. I’m ready for the holidays.

Thanks for reading.


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