Rookie Year: Day 52

We had a Veteran’s Appreciation Assembly at school today so I did not have as much time in my class as I would normally have.

I gave a pre-assessment on graphing linear equations to see where my students are at. I didn’t get very much data because instead I had a lot of students freaking out about not knowing how to do it, even though I repeated several times that it was a pre-assessment and that they would not get a grade and I just wanted to know what they did or did not know. Since I have not given a pre-assessment in the class before I think it threw them off a little.

I also was a little too tired today to do my best job at classroom management. Even my better classes were a little more off task than I wanted.

There’s no school tomorrow because of election day so I have to pick up on Wednesday. I’m grateful for the day off teaching because I have quite a bit of grading to catch up on.

Thanks for reading.


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