Rookie Year: Day 48

I tried to implement my plan of more but shorter activities today to varying degrees of success.

The lesson plan went like so:

Bellringer and Attendance (5 minutes to work, 5 minutes to review with announcements)

Class Review of Relations (20ish minutes was the plan) I asked them to remind me of the 4 ways we can express a relation, the definition of a function, and what domain and range are. Then I wrote a relation on the board and asked them to express it using one of the other ways in their notebooks. After this I had students come up to the board and write different ways until all four ways were up there. I did this 1-2 more times depending on class response.

Group Practice (10 minutes) I asked them to write a relation and then trade with a partner who would express it another way. None of them understood this activity. They each just kept taking turns writing different relations next to each other instead of the same relation different ways. I can’t tell if my explanation of what I wanted was bad, or if they just weren’t listening, or if the task was confusing. I don’t know. I tried to have them use the document cam to share what they wrote. It did not go well. Not only had they not done what I asked but also the camera was having issues staying connected to my computer. This was an activity were I really wanted a class set of white boards and markers for them to write and share.

Go Formative (20 minutes) Instead of introducing the topic of dependent and independent variables with notes, I gave them the definition and then asked them to identify the independent and dependent variables in examples and then come up with their own. They did decently well on this until it came time to come up with their own.

Class Discussion (15ish minutes) We went over the problems they tried on Go Formative and then I helped them come up with examples. They really struggle to synthesize problems.

Kahoot review of independent and dependent variables

Exit Ticket

Of course, everything ran longer than I meant it to. But my transitions were mostly good between different activities. I could tell when they started to disengage and I would just move them on to the next thing on the list.

What was nice about this lesson plan was that it was a little loose on time frame for each part. If we needed to go longer we could and if they got it faster than I expected or I started to lose them I would shift gears.

1st block was dead, they seemed tired and didn’t respond to my questions like they normally do.

2nd block was better, but still rough today and we had a lot of students missing.

3rd block was about par for the course. They’re a good class but sometimes get distracted. They probably had the best discussion of all the blocks about relations and functions.

Well, that’s all I can think of for today off the top of my head and I’ve got to get to the gym and work out for a while before church small group so I’m not going to spend too much time trying to come up with more to say. I seem to have gotten all of it out.

Also as a side note, I’ve finished both The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers by listening to them on audiobook on the way to and from work. I’m about 30ish minutes into Return of the King. I may have cheated here and there and listened when driving somewhere else, but it’s mostly been just my commute. If you have a commute, I definitely recommend listening to audiobooks. I don’t mind when it takes an extra 5 minutes because of this or that. Nice stress reliever.

Thanks for reading.



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