Rookie Year: Day 46

Today my plan for class went like this:


Graphing Stories Review (Get with a partner. You tell them a story and they graph it. Then trade roles. We will share stories as a class afterwards.)

Domain and Range Review (I had 5 graphs prepared. In goformative I had empty questions ready. I threw a Desmos graph up on the screen. I asked them to identify the domain and enter in goformative. Then the range. They I asked them to tell me if the relation was a function and to justify their answer. I asked questions to help them remember the definition of domain, range, relation, and function.)

Representing Relations Review. (I was going to give them different representations of the relation and they had to give the other ones. So if I gave a graph, they give a mapping, a table, etc.)

Group Quiz. (I do these sometimes using an EMRF grading rubric. They can work with anyone in the class but me. No notes or chromebooks allowed. I also do individual quizzes.)

In none of my classes did I get to the Representing Relations, but that was simply because I had overplanned. I was going for more transitions in a block, but the activities that came before were going well and we just ran out of time because I wanted to leave 30 minutes for the group quiz. 1st and 3rd block did really well with the Domain and Range Review. 2nd block, what has lately been my problem block, did not. I continued to have people talking and yelling and just…argh. It’s hard to explain what the are doing. We can’t get anything done quickly because many of them go off task or continually talk. I had gone in today trying to steel myself.

First warning. Then detention. Then ISS.

I gave lots of warnings. I only gave 2 detentions. I sent one kid to ISS.

It’s very frustrating because my 2nd block used to be my most engaged class and somehow I lost them and I’m not sure exactly what happened. Maybe it was always bubbling underneath the surface, I don’t know. Luckily I have seen great improvement in 1st and 3rd blocks so it is only 2nd block dragging me down. We only got through 2 of the 5 graphs I had prepared and it took us a LOOOONG time just to get through partner graphing stories with lots of interruptions and problems.

Once we (finally) made it to the group quiz, I had an individual conference in the hallway with every single student in the class. Most of them were responsive. I know it’s not going to be magically better on Monday, but I’m trying everything I can to get that class back to where it needs to be.

I’m really behind on some grading and I’m dreading doing it all this weekend. I already know my whole Saturday is shot, which is discouraging. I try not to work too much on the weekends, but the reality is that I have to do some work then because of the position I am in. Can’t be helped. Have to do it. I will get some rest on Sunday though and hopefully be refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Thanks for reading.


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