Rookie Year Day 43

I had a rough day Sunday and wasn’t feeling well. I took Monday off. Today I let my students work on a mathematician biography in class that I assigned and thought wouldn’t be a big dea but apparently was a huge deal because they couldn’t even find 2 sources for a one page bio. The librarian was kind enough to come to every block and give the finding sources spiel. My registration for my car expires tomorrow (well, now today) so I absolutely had to change registration to South Carolina today.  I immediately drove to the DMV after school. Church small group was also tonight. I didn’t get home until 930. I was tired. I needed to plan for Wednesday but I just couldn’t. Too busy and too tired and blargh. Forgot to write this until just now. Today’s my birthday. I should have been asleep 3 hours ago. I hope I don’t have to teach all freshman next year.


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