Rookie Year: Day 42 Or Hey! 42

I suppose my 42nd Day Post should link to this.

My instructional plans were pretty much shot this week. We had a pep rally today so we were on a shortened schedule. Between that, the PSAT, and the internet outage I was only able to get through half of the material I had planned to do. Oh well.

Ever since I learned about Go Formative last week I’ve been using it heavily every day. It really has made keeping track of my class a lot easier and I have found students working more. Some of the activities I have been having them do aren’t fundamentally changed. I can just easily check where they are and they get instant feedback on some of their answers. Of course, I can’t do instant feedback for all of the problems and I did run into an issue yesterday with graphing stories where kids kept coming up to my desk. “Can you check my graph for 6? Can you check my graph for 9?” Etc, etc.

But at least they were trying to the problems and asking me for help and feedback!

Today they practiced function notation and then we took a group quiz.

For the function notation they were able to mechanically apply to evaluate functions fairly well, but I can tell that they have no conceptual understanding at all of what a function is. I have some Python and other activities planned for next week to help them with this.

For the group quiz, I was really hoping that the entire class would all work together, but they broke up into groups of 3-4 or singletons. Oh well. I will try again next week. I am planning a new routine to help them. I am hoping regular schedule will help them self-regulate if they know what to expect. I have 90 minute block classes or two “skinnies” all day. 3 blocks. My weekly schedule plan is the following:

Monday: New Topic and then Learning Activities. (This will usually include notes to introduce a new idea and them some tasks I have chosen for them to try.)

Tuesday: Practice and More Learning Activities

Wednesday: Group Quiz and then New Topic.

Thursday: Learning Activities and Practice

Friday: Review from the week and then Individual Concept Quizzes (Which are on a EMRF system with SBG hybrid grading.)

And occasionally on Fridays it will be a Unit Test instead of a Quiz.

This way students will know to expect new material and be mentally prepared for it on Mondays and Wednesdays and then I will give them plenty of time to practice, ask questions, and learn in between new material and more summative type assessments.

We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for reading.


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