Rookie Year: Day 41

I hit a wall of tired around 2 o’clock or so today.

I’ve struggled to maintain a regular workout schedule ever since I graduated college. In the past two weeks I’ve been doing better, running every day in the evenings. But I kept running into a problem (haha get it?) with time at the end of the day. I was avoiding it, but I finally started getting up at 5:30 AM to run and I stopped wasting $10 every month at Planet Fitness and set a regular weight training schedule.

It even hurts to type because I’m holding my arms up.

I managed to get the block who was behind because of the internet outage caught up with the other blocks today but I yelled at them. They had been getting worse and worse with each passing day. They used to be my most engaged class. I had students yelling and making noises and not listening. I have been trying very hard not to yell at anyone. I hate yelling. I lost my temper a lot with my 8th graders when I was student teaching. But this class had just gotten out of control and they just would not listen to me requesting to calm down and attempt the activity. I had students saying “Man I wish I was in a different class.” I was tired and worn out. I wish I hadn’t let it get to that point but I also don’t know exactly how I feel about it. I dislike yelling, but it did make them get the point that they were out of control. I think it did help they could tell I had raised my voice to get their attention but had not lost control because I immediately was able to turn and work normally with students again.

Tomorrow is a new day.


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