Rookie Year: Day 39

I really did not want to go in to work today. The almost three day weekend was too much of a break.

I also almost forgot to write this today. It’s been a busy and full day. I’ve got Star Trek DS9 on while I type. I was in “bed time mode” haha.

For a Monday I had a moderately successful day. During the PD I found out about a fantastic tool called goformative It allows you to turn any assignment, worksheet, questions or task into something that will automatically give feedback on right or wrong answers to students. This was really a tool that I needed because I was struggling so much with getting students to stay on task. Of course, this won’t make students do what they are supposed to do, but since it tracks student progress on a task live, I can more easily identify who I need to redirect and know how they are doing. I am very excited about it and I used it to great effect today in my 3rd block. (I didn’t have it ready in time for the 1st or 2nd blocks.)

After the bellringer (which was to sign up for goformative and show me a project that was due) I had the students do a scavenger hunt activity. I put a green x in the middle of the room on the floor. I had all the desks moved to the sides. I gave them all meter sticks. The activity was meant to be practice for cartesian coordinates. I watched the students run all over trying to find the objects I asked them to and write down the coordinates. Most of the did great. I barely had to give any directions past what was already written down. After this I did some short direct instruction on Cartesian Coordinates and then talked about discrete versus continuous data. They struggled with this, but I did a Kahoot that was nothing about identifying what kind of data the variable was.

I will reinforce this idea tomorrow with the bellringer and some class practice.

Tomorrow I will write about a new weekly schedule I am going to try.

Thanks for reading.


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