Rookie Year: Day 31 Or Making Bets

I’m not going to get this post published before midnight because we had friends from church over to roast coffee (Happy National Coffee Day!) and to watch the Bengals beat the Dolphins (Who Dey!).

I made a bet with 3/4 block today that if ALL of them pass the course I would shave my beard and my hair. I’ll look like a total baby face but if it motivates them it will be worth it. I don’t think this will really be enough to get them through the whole semester and instead I am relying on daily encouragement with small successes and reminders to continue to work hard.

I also danced and sang for them today. I asked 6/7 block to make me a snapchat star because I kept doing a little dance I made up to help them remember how to graph solutions of inequalities.

“Open circle, closed circle, left or the right”

I’ll post a video sometime.

That’s all I will write for now because it is late and I am tired.

Thanks for reading.


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