Rookie Year: Day 30 Or Fire Alarm

I got interrupted by a the fire alarm twice this afternoon while trying to write this post in my room.

Happy One Month Teaching To Me!

My 6/7 block almost made me tear up a little bit today. It was a good thing though, not a bad thing. I gave a “group quiz” in the last hour of the blocks. 25 questions, you may ask anyone in the room, but it was for a grade and the answers counted. Because of this 3/4 had left the desks in complete disarray. Normally I would have put the desks back during my planning 5th bell, but I had observed a colleague today during 5th and then went to discuss a student with a support teacher so I did not have a chance. Then between 5th and 6th I was talking in the hallway with an administrator.

When the bellrang and I walked into class, the students had put all the desks back into my usual setup of groups of three and most of them were seated working on the bellringer. I was so proud of them.

This feeling didn’t last long. None of the students in that class took the group quiz seriously. I had a few in the previous blocks who goofed around instead of taking the quiz, but I had a large amount who only answered 2-3 of the questions.

I was thinking in the shower this morning that part of this reluctance is once again my fault. Even though I have lowered the entry for them, I am still overwhelming them by telling them all the things they have to do at once. I am not chunking the tasks enough. And I feel even more silly because I already knew that I wasn’t doing this enough and I seem to have forgotten already.

But I think also that many of my students are not taking the class seriously and right now there’s nothing I can do to change that expect keep giving them chances to take it seriously. I’m putting in the grades for the group quiz tonight. Tomorrow I am going to talk to all of my classes about how today went and how they need to reflect on whether the scores they got on the quiz were because they did not know how to do the questions or because they are not taking their responsibility in this class seriously. I will probably have them math journal about it.



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