Rookie Year: Day 29

Very busy day today so I find myself writing on my phone in my bed.

To my amazement today, yesterday’s adminition to a class that I was “super disappointed” in how they did worked. They were much better today.

I need to find another way to help them practice in class though. All of my blocks are struggling with working through the whole block. But then they are struggling with just getting started. I truly believe this is a focus and motivation thing rather than a “I can’t do it” thing. I have purposefully been starting assignments with problems I know they can do. It’s just not clicking for them that the reason they have been failing quizzes and tests is that they do not practice in class and ask me questions. I’m very frustrated with this. I’m frustrated with them. Another teacher told me today that you have to recognize and accept that frustration and I agree. I can’t get burned out. I know I’m not yet, but the last two days have been hard for me.

Other stuff happened today with two students leaving class and simply shutting down but it’s late and I’m tired and there’s something wrong with my phone keyboard so I’m gonna stop writing so I don’t get frustrated with this too.

Thanks for reading.




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