Rookie Year: Day 26

Today I gave my students extra time to complete their test from yesterday since we took so much time talking about policing and the recent shootings.

As soon as they had finished the test I had them begin their point recovery on the test. Here is the activity that I have them do for this.  I stress that what is valued here is the examining of their mistakes and correcting them (and as a bonus they improve their test score a little bit.) Point recovery is mandated for the department rather than a type of re-assessment system, and this is what I came up with for my class.

My students really struggle with following the directions in that document. They want to just tell me what the right answer is, but I gave them all the key so they already know what the correct letter choice is. I want them to figure out what they did wrong and correct it.

They really wore me down today and I don’t really want to write much more.

Oh but I did want to mention that the mistake that I made the other day by sending the new student away during lunch was not a permanent one. He has come and stood by me during lunch every day since then. I ask him if he is having a hard time making friends (he doesn’t seem like the type that would have a difficult time). He told me he is purposefully not making friends because then he would get in trouble because he would talk to them during class. That simultaneously made me laugh but also made me a bit sad. I told him it just took a little self control. I am wondering though if perhaps he is afraid that he will not be at our school long enough to be able to keep those friends. Either way I felt bad for him. In the meantime, I don’t mind talking to him while I corral kids in the lunch room.


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