Rookie Year: Day 24 Or 80 MPH

Today we did the bellringer, I checked the homework, we reviewed with a Kahoot, the students worked on a practice test to prepare for tomorrow, and then I gave a quiz over Multi-Step Equations, Equations with Variables on Both Sides, and Absolute Value Equations. So there wasn’t a lot of me doing anything except some classroom management and then answering a few questions while they worked on the practice test.

I try to keep the Kahoots to once a week so the novelty doesn’t wear off, but I love the Kahoots when the students get into them. When else in math class do all the students shout and howl over the revealing of an answer to a math question? It’s a lot of fun.

In my last block today, I delayed starting the Kahoot because one of my students wanted to ask the class a question. The question was

“If you are traveling 80 MPH, how far will you travel in one hour.”

I had heard him ask a neighbor before he wanted to ask the class and so I knew it wouldn’t be a waste of class time to let him. His demeanor cracked me up. He assumed the posture and tone of voice of a teacher or someone asking a question that should have an “obvious” answer. His response when half the class stared at him blankly was also equally entertaining.

“Come ON, GUYS! IF you are TRAVELING 80 MILES an HOUR, how far will you travel in ONE HOUR?”

Some of the students knew the answer right away, but I also heard guesses of “80 seconds” and “80 hours”. I definitely will need to make sure to incorporate this question in the upcoming weeks during lessons on linear equations. If we were not preparing for a test tomorrow I would have let the students talk about this question more organically for a while longer. I’m thinking I may do some filming and film myself driving in a car and set up a lesson. I’m sure I’ve seen some on this from Dan Meyer or Mathalicious or someone, I don’t know.

I forgot to pack a lunch today and I’m super hungry so that’s all I’m gonna write today. There wasn’t much else to say anyway.

Thanks for reading.


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