Countably Many Days Of Grace

In high school I liked to listen to Three Days Grace. Listening to them now, most of their songs feel just a little too angsty teen to me. But of course, those songs I bought when I was 17 are still on my iTunes.

The other day I tweeted (unless I thought about it and forgot to) that it was never too late to try something new. I tweeted that because I was feeling like I had messed up the beginning of the year and now I would have to wait for the next semester and a new class or maybe even next year to try things I wanted to try if I had too many of the same kids.

What do those two paragraphs have to do with each other?

Three Days Grace has one particularly angsty song, Never Too Late.

The sentiment in the second paragraph is rubbish. I can always try something new. There’s always a grace period. How many days? Countably many!

So, tomorrow I will post Glenn Waddell’s 3 Rules Of Math  and review/reteach some equation solving using Meg Craig’s Algebraic Epiphany.


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