Rookie Year: Day 13 Or Hobbit Days And Hurricane Hermine

We had a half day today.

(Get it? GET IT? A HALF day? HALF-lings? HOBBITS?)

*clears throat*


Tropical Storm / Hurricane / Whatever Hermine brought very heavy rains to the Carolinas. We let the students out of school at 12:15 today.

This meant with my blocks that I got to find out essentially what a “normal” class length or “skinny” would feel like. It certainly went a lot faster. But that may also be because I had my students do point recovery for the Unit 1 Test that we took this past Monday.

Here is a link describing the activity.

I don’t mind giving some credit back on these tests. The tests themselves are block tests: all of the algebra teachers at our school write them together and then give the same test. So even though the format is not reflective of my usual philosophy on grading, I hope I have reflected the spirit of it at least a little with the requirements I gave them. School policy requires all departments to have some type of point recovery method in place for all “major” assessments, meaning anything worth 100 “points” or more.

I am still working on how to incorporate an SBG system into this environment. I will write a full post on what I do once I have actually figured it out. I know it’s bad that I haven’t really figured it out and the school year has already started, but as I said in a previous post, I’ve kind of been knocked off my feet a little. I’m starting to feel more comfortable every day, but there’s a long way to go.

Some of my students took the point recovery activity very seriously and some did not. (And sadly, it was the students who needed it the most who also neglected it the most.) I did my best to help groups and individuals while keeping everyone on task. This is harder to do when I am circulating the room and not everyone is highly motivated to work.

There’s not much else to say about today because not much else happened. I have a nice, long weekend ahead of me. We were released early today and we don’t work on Monday. If I’m disciplined I’ll use some of that time to find that footing I lost and maybe get a little ahead.



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