Rookie Year: Day 4

I almost forgot to write this. I remembered when I finally crawled into bed. I was falling asleep on the couch with the tv on and I dragged myself up to the bedroom only to realize it would bother me if I didn’t write a post before tomorrow.

It’s gonna be a short one. A “hey, it counts” one. I’m sitting next to my bed writing this on my phone in the dark. I’ll make it up by writing a second post tomorrow in addition to the daily post about “Mathematician Mondaysl”

My Mondays are going to be busy. I tutor from 4-5 after school. Hard to turn down an extra $30 a week.

I finally dragged my butt to the gym today too. I know that has nothing to do with the pedagogy of mathematics, but it has to do with teaching. I felt great after I was done but now I feel like death. I think I have a sinus infection. Insurance kicks in next month, haha.

Today I fell into the trap that I had always prided myself on recognizing until today.


I repeat, nothing is obvious. What I think is easy or clear or obvious is nowhere near a good indicator of what the students think is those things. Assess, assess, assess. Do not make assumptions. I’m giving myself a pep talk right now, just to be clear.

My evaluating expressions lesson went from too easy to too hard. Need to fix the ramp up in difficulty. My functions lesson was a flop. None of the students got my “game” I invented. The task was too high entry. I didn’t assign the homework I planned.

I’m behind on implementing and explaining my SBG system to my students and how it works with the schools total points system. I plan to start it next week once the review unit is finished and we start into the algebra text.

Theres so much work to do, but I have a lot of resources available. I’m optimistic. I know this post probably sounded negative but I’m just tired and writing fast. I’m looking forward to talking about matrices tomorrow. And reviewing functions again.





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